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Alpha Marked:Scarlet, Hard Knocks & Vampage!

Heya peeps!

It’s been a bit since I had an update, so here it goes:

Alpha Marked: Scarlet is jogging through edits and is on track for an early April release. It’s got two verra hunky werewolves looking for their perfect mate to share.  No crossing swords, but lotsa hot smexin’ where they share Scarlet along with a little fightin’ action. 😀  It’s the first installment in a trilogy featuring the Wickham sisters. Ze plan is to release another in June and the final installment in August. 😀

Hard Knocks (working title) is the next in the Ridgeville series and features Harding and his human mate, Tess.  They’ve each got their own issues, but in the end, love (and totally hot sex) conquers all.  Cheesy line, right?  But SO true. I’m shooting for a May release for Harding.

I’ve received a few emails about the next Knight Protectors and, rest assured, it’s on the list of soon-to-be written books.  March is for writing Hard Knocks and April is set aside for some vampage and the next Alpha Marked (Gabriella).  So, rest assured, fangs are cooommmiiinnnggg.

Another book in the back of my mind is the next Knots. It’s lingering and poking at me, but the idea hasn’t settled quite yet.  The characters just aren’t speaking my language just yet.  😉

Plus! I’ve got a super sekrit wolfy/witchy book coming in May that you’re gonna lurve. It’, you know, super sekrit so I can’t tell you anything else, but it is awesome. Promise.

Have a mwah! day!

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