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Heya guys!  Whee! It’s another blog hop and another chance for prizes.

So, today’s hop is all about romance, right?  So, I figured I’d give ya a bit of my recent short story new release, Bite Me.  It’s all of $0.99 around the interwebs and is a fun, short read. You can read more and snag it here:

In this snippet, our hero and heroine meet for the first time and it’s, er, interesting.


He turned toward her and held out his hand, palm up. Not wanting to be rude, she placed her hand in his. He brought it to his mouth, lips brushing against her skin.

Soft, just as soft and silky as she’d imagined, and the touch shot a bolt of awareness straight to her heat. Her pussy clenched and dampened with the subtle caress of skin against skin. Then…then he flicked his tongue out, and she imagined him to be like a snake, tongue dancing this way and that, tasting. Her heat clenched again, harder this time, and she hoped he’d end his assault before she embarrassed herself by coming from nothing more than a kiss on the hand. Okay, a little more than a simple kiss, but not much.

“Miss Cilla.” His voice rumbled over her, through her, and zeroed in on her pussy. Damn, but the man had way too much control over her already.

“Cilla?” The Harpy’s voice broke into Cilla’s pending orgasm.

“Hmm?” She hadn’t let her gaze wander from Djimon’s.

“I release you.”

Wait. “What?”

“I release you…into the care of Djimon.”

Cilla snatched her hand back from the vampire, breaking their contact, and turned her fury on the Harpy. “You fucking what?” Now was not the time for subtlety.

“I have released you to Djimon. He holds your scale now, as well as control over you. I have searched—”

“You fucking bitch.” She took a deep cleansing breath and let her fiery fury erupt into the room. “You hold me captive for nearly six years. Six. Years. And now, so close to being released, you give me to this man? This vampire?” She spat the breed of this stranger. Cilla rose and stared down at the vamp. “I didn’t submit to her and I sure as fire won’t submit to you, vampire. If you expect a sex slave, try me. You’ll be burned so badly it’ll take you a century to recover. I may not be able to shift, but I can handle a can of lighter fluid with the best of them.”

“I have no intention—”

Yeah, right. She saw the look in his eyes and the bulge in his pants that even the baggy fabric couldn’t hide.

Djimon held a necklace aloft that Cilla recognized immediately. A thin titanium chain, spelled against all but the owner, with a single sparkling green scale captured on the string. “Twenty-four hours and then I’ll release you. Give me twenty-four hours to show you why the Harpy sought me out for you specifically, and then you can fly to the farthest corner of the earth. I won’t bother you again.”

What choice did she have? “Fine. But the lighter fluid threat stands, blood-boy.”

You can read more and snag it here:


K. Didja make it this far? I hope so, because I’m giving away stuffs!

Your first chance to win is here, right on my blog and my prize is a $10 gift certificate to Amazon, B&N OR All Romance eBooks PLUS an ebook from my backlist.

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