Day 6: 3 Simple Tips to Make Resolutions Stick

Let’s take some time today to examine a few ways to help you keep your resolutions. We already know how easy it is to create resolutions without any direction or follow through. These vauge goals never seem to work, right?  But there are some steps you can take to cement your goals in stone and make ‘em stick. Today I’ll cover three simple tips to make your resolutions a reality.

Be Specific & Make It a Reachable Goal

Okay, it’s true. Super vague resolutions with nothing to support them simply aren’t going to cut it. An empty statement like, “I want to earn more,” isn’t likely to last past the first month. Adding specifics such as timeframe, strategies, and accountability check-ins is a kick butt way to go about setting resolutions. Also, be sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Your goals have to be relatively realistic if they’re going to have any real chance of success.

Find Your Motivation for The Change

Finding your “why” is something we haven’t looked at yet, but it’s a powerfully motivating concept. Your “why” is your reason for wanting change. It will keep you reaching for your goal even when things get hard or life gets busy. Wanting to earn more income through your writing so you can quit your evil day job, spend more time with your kids, or buy a new house is strong motivation. Use your intense desire to keep you on track and accountable.

Track Your Progress

Speaking of keeping on track…  It’s important to keep track of your progress if you want to stick to your resolutions. Otherwise how will you know if you’re making strides or just going through the motions?  Logging word counts, release dates, marketing initiatives, and income will do wonders for your motivation.

These three tips may seem super simple and totally obvious but it’s often the litte things that we tend to miss. Taking the time to put these suggestions into action can make a huge difference when it comes to sticking with your resolutions.

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