Aliens in Love 2022 Anthology Interest

Welcome to my (Celia Kyle’s) site and thank you for your interest in doing a WIDE science fiction romance anthology. The guidelines and details are as follows:

This box set is comprised of wide science fiction romance books. The books may not be exclusive anywhere, such as Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, during the duration of the set’s availability.

Manuscript Length – 20K and over.

Term – 3-month term beginning May 1, 2022, and lasting until July 31, 2022. – You may NOT put the book in KU until the term is over. **Please do not participate in a competing box set that will release within a week before or after this box set.**

Formatting – I will do this using Vellum. If you have a Vellum file, send it my way. It needs to be the actual Vellum file and not a mobi or epub. If not, please send me a word docx. If you send a word file, please limit your backmatter links to THREE (3).

Cover – I will hire a professional designer, most likely MiblArt.

Advertising – I budget approximately $500 for newsletter ads that I will book. I have never run a set that lost money, but this is about exposure, and with a lot of participants I wouldn’t expect much.

Payment – I will take 10% of the proceeds for organizing the set. I will pay an equal split among authors after the cost of advertising, the cover, and the organizer cut are subtracted. This will be one payment within a month of when all royalties have been received.

Newsletters – You will send your newsletter once during release week. Our box set should be the featured item at the top of your first newsletter. A reminder email is required at any point in the following three-month time frame. I will create a newsletter calendar post for you to choose your dates. I’ll also include the dates of paid newsletters in the post once they are booked.

Author Requirements

1. Email me your manuscript in Vellum or Word Docx format by March 1, 2022 at
2. Sign the box set contract releasing rights to me for a limited time.  (Will be provided to you prior to publication via
3. The title, author name, and a SHORT blurb. THREE (3) sentences max, and please don’t make them long to get your words in. I will not chase you down to edit. I cut blurbs to fit description lengths at vendors and it makes me really cranky to butcher your words.
4. Push the set to your newsletter list during the first week (or 2 depending on the number of participants). The set must have top billing in your newsletter.
5. Plan accordingly! Do not join this set if you cannot send out a newsletter during release week in the top position. Do not participate if you are in another set releasing the same week.
6. At some point in the 3-month run send another newsletter to your list advertising the set. The set send does not have to have to be first in your newsletter for the second send.
7. Push the set on social media at whatever outlets you wish.