Day 7: Are You Setting SMART Goals?

I’m super stoked to talk to you about today’s concept. It’s a big one and if you’re not familiar with this approach, it might change your ideas about goal setting. Resolutions can seem abstract. Sure we all want to do better, but sometimes these wishes fizzle and are all talk with no action.  Setting SMART goals can put an end to this pattern. Let’s talk abut what this acronym stands for and how you can put it into practice.


I’ve talked about this already, but it’s worth mentioning again.  Being specific is utterly, unavoidably essential for goal success.  Let’s go a hint further and talk about what is involved in setting specific goals. Answering a few questions can insure you’re writing goals that aren’t wishy washy.  Include aspects such as “what,” “why,” “when,” and “how” into your goal so you’re sure to create something specific.


The “M” in SMART stands for Measurable. This means you should have concrete evidence that you’re making progress toward your goal. This way you’ll know when you’ve finally achieved it.


Your goal should able to be attained. Yeah, a challenge is great, and no goal should be so easy you don’t feel stretched beyond your comfort zone. But you must, must make sure you have the ability, knowledge and resources to accomplish your goals.  Impossible goals aren’t very motivating.


This part of setting your SMART goal involves making sure your resolution is meaningful to you. It it’s not relevant, it won’t matter to you. Meaningless goals are destined to fail. There are lots of reasons you may create those kinds of resolutions.  Maybe you feel pressured by a loved one or society. Maybe it’s your own internal voice telling you that you “should” want something that really isn’t important to you. Take time to examine the reasons behind your goal. Make sure it’s worth pursuing.


Lastly, your goal should be bound by time. There should be an end or a way to know you’ve done it. A deadline gives you something to shoot for and adds a sense of urgency, so you can stay on track. Setting a time for completion will help in other aspects of goal setting such as measurement and specificity.

Ta da! These are the components of SMART goals. Hopefully these guidelines will make setting your own goals a hint easier.

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