A Wolf’s Wounds

A Wolf's Wounds Cover ImagePublished: February 16, 2024
Length: Long Novel


Forgotten mistakes will resurface and new threats will emerge until secrets threaten to tear apart their community and their lives in this thrilling, action packed, enemies-to-lovers, fated mates romance.

Ryder Stone has garnered quite the reputation for himself, and it’s not as the pack’s second-in-command. Instead, his name is more frequently thrown around in human circles – as is the title he’s been given.


He’s brooding. Carefree. And unbelievably hot. It’s no wonder that every girl swoons over him. Well, all except one.

Dr. Hannah Kelly.

Hannah is sick of living in the shadow of her step-father’s pack, and has struck out into the human world. But even as the new girl in town, she is no stranger to the reputation that Ryder carries around. And saving her life can’t make her forget what he is.

Ryder is reckless, and if his bachelor ways don’t reveal it, his past soon will. Because there’s something that Hannah should both be more wary of than the shifter that bust into her apartment.

A rogue wolf.

Ryder knows it’s his fault that the wolf was created. His bite turned the man into a shifter – and it will be his bite that ends the threat. The man is a danger to everyone and needs to be stopped.

But there’s one problem.

Nobody knows who he is.

Too many bar fights and drunken nights have left a string of possibilities for Ryder to have to hunt down. And it’s hard to pinpoint an enemy when his face is unknown.

The situation turns more urgent when Hannah and Ryder discover their secret shifter is plotting something. And it puts the whole town at risk.

His plan is lethal.

Hannah and Ryder will have to put aside their differences to hunt down their enemy and stop him. But will they be able to expose his identity? Or will they be risking it all only to go down in flames?

In this intense, on-the-run, forced proximity chase, will Hannah finally see who Ryder really is? Will she let go of his past and accept him as her mate? Or will the outcome always end in heartbreak for them both?

In hopes to overcome the threats that they face, they will lay everything on the line. Their lives. Their futures. And their hearts.

But will they be able to find enough strength in each other to overcome all that stands in their way – including their own reservations?

Or will their time run out before they can save everyone and cost them their lives in the process?