Catching Crabs

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Published: January 30, 2023
Length: Short Novel

Claudia Banks–human, marine biologist, and total goner for a certain seven and a half foot alien who crash lands on Earth. He’s got muscles on muscles, a sexy-as-sin smile, and a love of the ocean that rivals even Claudia. He’s… perfect.

Except… Darjak isn’t on Earth for a casual visit. He’s a bounty hunter on the trail of his prey worth a million credits, and he doesn’t have time for the curvaceous, enthralling, all-too-tempting, human Claudia.  No matter how much his body craves to become one with hers…

But what happens when their duties collide? Can they work together to save the wildlife failing to thrive on the Florida coast and snag Darjak’s bounty intent on destroying everything in their path?  Hopefully.  Because the future of Earth’s oceans depends on them cooperating in and out of the bedroom.