Horde Nanny

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Published: December 19, 2023
Length: Novel
Vahking Horde #3

I was hired to take care of his daughter, but I ended up in his bed instead.

I travelled to Verkoon to be matched as someone’s mate, but the only matchmaking happening is me being paired with the gruff General… as his nanny. Thankfully, he’s so damn hot I don’t mind being kept at a distance–as long as I’m still allowed to look.

Between breakfast together and play dates throughout the ship, we’ve gone from playing house to feeling like a real family. And with the way General Lokin looks at me, I forget where the line is for a little while. Oops!

There’s only one reason that a Vakhing’s blood sings–and I know that the General’s sings for me.

Will he answer the call… or has the General experienced too much heartache already? Will he push me away to save himself? Or risk it all for love?