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Published: March 14, 2024
Length: Novel
Rejected & Claimed #3

How can she want both the alpha who rejected her and the alpha who healed her?

Schoolteacher Abigail leaves her pack in shame and pain when her Mate’s father informs her that she’s been rejected, a message he punctuates with his teeth and claws. Injured and frantic, she runs as far as she can. When she can’t flee any further, she ends up in Dominic’s pack and under his care.

But it soon becomes clear that her mate Luke had no idea of his father’s claims and when he shows up at the Moonstone pack Abigail is more confused than ever. How can she want both Luke and Dominic? And how will she ever choose?

As days go by and their relationship grows stronger, Abigail discovers that there may be something in the power of three.

But Luke’s father is plotting something, and if the pack doesn’t fight back, Abigail might lose both of her men before she can truly claim them.