Published: August 11, 2015

Length: Novella

A wererabbit and a tiger-wolf hybrid? Impawsible!

Wererabbit Bethany Buchanan hopes she can create a new life in Deals Gap, North Carolina. Home to the weird, wacky, and unwanted, it should be a place where she doesn’t have to hide (much) and can be herself (mostly).

When she meets Carter, a hotter than hot tiger-wolf hybrid, she knows she’s found her new home. Especially when he purrs and tells her he wants to eat her… in a very naughty way. Carter loves every inch of her curvy wererabbit body and is willing to do anything to make her happy.

Why? Because Bethany is his mate and he’ll kill to keep her. Which, as it happens, he might just have to do. You see, there’s this vicious werelion from her past and he’s looking for revenge…

**EXCLUSIVE TO AMAZON US-See excerpt area for work around instructions.**

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The Southern Shifters launch books are available now on Amazon US exclusively. Yes, unfortunately, that means that readers using Amazon UK, CA, and AU are going to have to be a little creative and tenacious to get ahold of a copy.:

--Log into your Amazon UK, CA, or AU account.
--Add a United States address to your list of one-click addresses. You can snag one here: The program is only concerned with confirming it is a legit address, not your address.
--Go to Manage Your Content & Devices, and under Country settings, change your location to US. Amazon will ask you to select an address. Select the US address you added to your one-click addresses.
--Now you can click on the Amazon US link, buy the book, and it will download onto your designated device.
--Once the book is downloaded, go back through the process changing everything back to your home country.
--And lastly, accept my heartfelt apology that Amazon decided to do a US only release for the Southern Shifters Kindle World. None of us launch authors are happy about it.

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