Loved by an Alien Pirate

They thought they were rescuing some women. Instead, they found their mates.

Captain Solair and the intrepid crew of the Ancestral Queen had no idea that when they rescued the human women aboard a derelict freighter, that their lives—and their loves—would change forever.

As both crews learned to live together, they crushed the villains, grabbed the loot, and saved the day, all to live happily ever after with their mates. Now, however, Solair and the others discover that the greatest adventure of all lies ahead…


The beloved Kilgari and their feisty, brilliant human mates return for one final voyage. When an aging archaeologist wants one more expedition, Solair is only too happy to oblige. Along the way, they discover a secret which could shake the Galaxy to its foundation, and face off against the most implacable challenge of all.

Their own offspring.

Join the crew of the Ancestral Queen for their last hurrah in an adventure filled with danger, adventure, laughs, and of course, some steamy romance.