Prisoner of the Alien Prince

Prisoner of the Alien Prince Cover Image

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Published: March 28, 2024
Length: Novel
Rogue Warriors of Lorr #3

It’s supposed to be another quick and easy job: steal the PulXar—an antique spaceship—and make gobs of money. That’s assuming nothing goes wrong.

And of course, something always goes wrong.

As a pirate, Willow Jackson has stolen hundreds of ships, if not thousands, but this ship is the first with someone on board. Trigg Lorrz, brother of the ship’s owner and son of the king of Lorr, a powerful alien race, is… her hostage?

He also happens to be Willow’s one-night stand from the night before, the hottest lay she’s ever had, and pretty much the epitome of her type.

But they’re both about to become hostages of Jorvlen attackers, who have a grudge against them both: Willow, for stealing massive amounts of currency, and Trigg—or rather Trigg’s brother—for snubbing a Jorvlen princess by choosing a human mate instead.

They’re placed in the middle of one of the most diabolical trafficking rings in the galaxy. The ship where they’re taken hostage has a huge cache of the deadly drug Motley. Now, they have an opportunity to take down the evil Umbrosis Corporation if they can manage to stay alive long enough to intercept them and deliver them on a credit-plated platter.

Their success or failure all depends on whether they can trust each other enough to work together and whether they can keep their hands off each other long enough to get the job done.

Fans of Ruby Dixon, Tana Stone, and Presley Hall will love this romantic journey through space with eight darkly arrogant warriors and the human women lucky enough to cross their paths.

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