Mates of the Kilgari

Rescued by the Alien Pirate

I woke from cryostasis a prisoner. My crime? I have no idea.

I was stuck with a hundred other women, all headed to who knows where. Captive in a dank, dirty cargo hold.

Then, out of the darkness, came Solair.

A handsome alien. Golden skinned. Horned. The dashing captain of a pirate ship. They rescued us--he gave my people food, shelter, and promised us safety. In exchange?

He took me for himself.

But the people who captured us, haven’t given up. They want us back. They’re powerful and will do whatever it takes to find us. The only thing stopping them?


He wants me. And what he takes…

He keeps.

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Treasured by the Alien Pirate

I’m a wanted woman. In more ways than one.

I was arrested, then imprisoned in cryosleep, and finally rescued by a crew of horned, golden skinned aliens.

Now my government has branded me a traitor.

Whoever is after me is willing to kill--to destroy anything and anyone in their way.
They’re powerful and without mercy.
It’s enough to make me lose all hope.

Until Grantian.

He’s a dangerous man and he promises to protect me.
Former mercenary with the Hael Hounds--more blood on his hands than he cares to recount.
He’s experienced suffering. And pain. And loss.
I can tell that he sees something in me.
Something that makes him willing to kill again.

Yet with him, I feel safe.
And even if we travel to the ends of the galaxy,
With him...

I feel like I’m home.

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Charmed by the Alien Pirate

Out in the fringes of known space, there’s one hope.
He’s got golden skin, horns, and eyes that say he wants only me.

I’m a greaser girl from Novaria. I know my way around an engine room.
And I never got close to anyone. Much less a serious relationship.
As for Swipt?
The handsome alien pirate that rescued me says I’m his mate.
Fated. Destined to be together.
Kind of a big commitment.

But he’s… different.
Swipt is strong. He challenges me. Excites me.
Pisses me off.
But maybe I need that kind of fire.
Maybe it’s what I’ve been missing.

Whoever kidnapped me isn’t giving up.
But with Swipt, I’m going to turn the tables.
We’re going to go after them.
Find out the answers to this mystery.

Or we’ll die trying.

At least we’ll do it together.

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Hunted by the Alien Pirate

He’s one of the most skilled alien engineers in the galaxy.
And he’s got my motor running.

I can’t get enough of Montier.
Those broad golden shoulders and big arms that want to sweep me off my feet...
Those alien bedroom eyes that look into my soul...
Those abs that I want to feast on...
It’s enough to make any human woman swoon.

Except we don’t have time to swoon when we’re in constant danger.
The people who kidnapped me have chased me around the galaxy and they’re not giving up.

We don’t know why they want me and my friends so much.
Hell, we don’t even know who they are.

Until Montier finds something that could blow this thing wide open.
It’s a gamble, but we’re willing to wager everything.
It’s dangerous, but the alternative is death.

This gorgeous horned alien man is my fated mate.
He’s sworn to protect me till the last star vanishes.

And now he’s going to lay it all on the line to keep me safe.

Because otherwise we’re all gonna die.

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Tamed by the Alien Pirate

Love isn’t real. It’s just a biochemical reaction. Right?

That’s what I’ve always believed.
All my friends falling in love with these gorgeous golden alien pirates?
I’m convinced they’re just experiencing biological impulses.

I mean, I get it.
I watch Zander stride through the hallways to me and my heart skips a beat.
I see him lean over to speak to me and my knees weaken.
When he touches me?
It’s like a supernova… down there.

I want to be with him.
To laugh with him. Satisfy him. Stay with him.
Who knows how long we have in this galaxy?
Our enemies are still as determined as ever.
I want my time with the deliciously muscular alien to count.

Except that means I was wrong about love.
It isn’t just physical. Not just chemicals.
It feels so true in my mind, body, and soul.
But that’s not science… I don’t know if I can trust that.

True love can’t be real.

Can it?

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Seized by the Alien Pirate

War shaped him into a soldier. His love for me transformed him into a protector.

Kintar has had a hard past.
I can see it in his eyes.
They speak of unbelievable loss and sadness.
The life of a soldier.

But his chiseled, muscled, alien body is more than a collection of his past.
He towers over me and pushes reality from my view--until there is only him.

His deep voice whispering in my ear, soothes me.
His eyes roaming my body, lure out my wild side.
His strong arms wrapped around me, protect me from the madness of the galaxy.

But it’s his heart that gives me hope.
His soul that brings me peace.

Kintar will fight for me. He’ll die for me.
Nothing will stop him from giving his last breath for me.
Nothing will stop him from forever freeing me from my enemies.

Because he is my mate he will do these things.
Because he is my love.
My heart.

My forever.

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Loved by an Alien Pirate

They thought they were rescuing some women. Instead, they found their mates.

Captain Solair and the intrepid crew of the Ancestral Queen had no idea that when they rescued the human women aboard a derelict freighter, that their lives—and their loves—would change forever.

As both crews learned to live together, they crushed the villains, grabbed the loot, and saved the day, all to live happily ever after with their mates. Now, however, Solair and the others discover that the greatest adventure of all lies ahead…


The beloved Kilgari and their feisty, brilliant human mates return for one final voyage. When an aging archaeologist wants one more expedition, Solair is only too happy to oblige. Along the way, they discover a secret which could shake the Galaxy to its foundation, and face off against the most implacable challenge of all.

Their own offspring.

Join the crew of the Ancestral Queen for their last hurrah in an adventure filled with danger, adventure, laughs, and of course, some steamy romance.

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