Rejected & Claimed


Tempted Cover Image

One rejected mate + two sexy werewolves = a match made in fated heaven?

Harlow has been ready to stand at her mate’s side as he Ascends to the position of alpha for years. But he crushes that dream and wrenches her heart out when he chooses another female to be his mate.

Unable to stay and witness her would-be mate’s continuing betrayal, Harlow flees to the small town of Forest Crest and finds work at a local vet. But malicious hunters are hot on her scent and she’s forced to seek Sanctuary with the enigmatic Gravecrest Pack where she’s drawn into the orbit of powerful Alpha Atlas and steadfast Beta Colt.

Despite the pain of rejection, Harlow is captivated and craves both men. But can her heart whether the storm of possible rejection a second time? Or is she brave enough to reach for a connection that defies the norms of her shifter world?

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Seduced Cover Image

Rejected by her mate and betrayed by her pack, Delilah doesn’t need a mate, let alone two.

When Delilah’s alpha tries to sell her to another pack, she runs rather than submit. No one will look for a shifter in the big city. But when she encounters a strange alpha at the freaking grocery store, she realizes she might not be as safe as she thought.
But alphas Graham and Jude are as relentless as they are sweet, and soon Delilah’s caught between them – right where she wants to be.

Graham and Jude are nothing like Delilah expected, and as she grows closer to them, she begins to wonder if this could be the start of something real. But her old pack is still out there, and one day she’ll have to run. Again.

There’s no real home for a lone wolf. If Delilah wants a real future, she’ll need to trust Graham and Jude with her past. But she’s already been betrayed by her pack and her former mate… can she put her heart on the line again?

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Hunted Cover Image

How can she want both the alpha who rejected her and the alpha who healed her?

Schoolteacher Abigail leaves her pack in shame and pain when her Mate’s father informs her that she’s been rejected, a message he punctuates with his teeth and claws. Injured and frantic, she runs as far as she can. When she can’t flee any further, she ends up in Dominic’s pack and under his care.

But it soon becomes clear that her mate Luke had no idea of his father’s claims and when he shows up at the Moonstone pack Abigail is more confused than ever. How can she want both Luke and Dominic? And how will she ever choose?

As days go by and their relationship grows stronger, Abigail discovers that there may be something in the power of three.

But Luke’s father is plotting something, and if the pack doesn’t fight back, Abigail might lose both of her men before she can truly claim them.

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