Warlords of Atera

Red Sands

She’s on the run from a violent past. He solves his problems with a sword.

Fleeing a life of abuse, Sheri climbs aboard a mail-order mate spaceship bound for a distant station, but never arrives… Fate intervenes and her trip takes a quick, deadly turn when she crashes on the planet Atera. She’s surrounded by endless sand dunes, dangerous creatures, and alien beings that remind her of Earth lizards. But one particular lizard hardly leaves her thoughts—a sexy, two legged, muscular male bent on protecting and caring for her at all costs.

Drazan is a fierce warrior, the strongest Ateran of the Red Sands, he rules his dunes with an iron fist and sharp sword, and is honor bound to face all challengers to his position. During one of these battles something… strange… happens. Fire rains from the skies and a strange black metal box filled with females crashes to the sands. All thoughts of fighting are lost to the allure of these odd humans—especially one deliciously curvy female who stirs his blood. Now he finds himself with dark yearnings, strong need, and a hardness between his legs that he’s never used before.

With Sheri consuming his thoughts, Drazan may have forgotten about his last challenge but his opponent’s brother hasn’t. Now he’s determined to see Drazan suffer… even if that means killing Sheri.

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Hard Sands

She doesn’t belong on Atera no matter what the hottie lizardman may say…

Nothing in Kalinda’s plans includes crash-landing on a backwards sand planet full of lizard-aliens. But when she spots Warlord Nakan, she’s willing to take a little detour. He’s a sexy, muscular scaled creature that she wouldn’t mind… studying. But no matter how interested she is, and no matter how much he lights her up inside, she’s determined to get off his godforsaken planet.

Nakan is busy caring for his tribe and fighting off challengers to his position as Warlord of the Hard Sands. A mate? And an alien human female, at that? No, he has other responsibilities that need his attention. Kalinda of Earth can’t be for him. It does not matter that her curves stir his blood like she’s his true mate.

But if Nakan won’t have her, his enemies will. Too bad for them that the Warlord of the Hard Sands doesn’t share. He’ll have to find a way to claim his mate and hold his position, or he’ll lose everything: his woman, his tribe, his territory... and his life.

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Living Sands

livingsands site

A mate and family is all she wants…

Abandoned as a young child, scientist Veda has always longed for the family she never had. And when she climbed aboard a ship bound for the stars, she was determined to find that perfect mate. One crash landing later and everything has gone a bit… off course.

He’s not worthy of a mate if he can’t save his people…

Traze, Warlord of the Living Sands, has put duty above all else. But a terrible sickness is now plaguing his tribe and if Traze can’t fix it he’ll be ousted from his position and unfit for a mate. He has no time to keep a woman, no time to be tempted by her touch.

But Veda refuses to be cast aside, and her experience as a biologist makes her the perfect woman for a man—er, alien—trying to solve a biological crisis. As they journey deep into the sands, the bond between Veda and Traze grows even stronger. But can they solve the problem plaguing his people before its too late?

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