Stolen by the Alien Prince

Stolen by the Alien Prince Cover Image

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Published: February 1, 2024
Length: Novel
Rogue Warriors of Lorr #1

This alien warrior prince never had a problem taking what he wanted… until he met her.

When alien warrior Kozien Lorrz left behind life as the heir to his planet’s throne to run a team that hunts down missing things, his father swore he’d make him regret the decision. According to the king, leaving his duties behind was a mistake, and taking his brothers was an act of treason.

Now, with business dwindling, Kozien is forced to send a message into the universe that his team is offering a pro-bono case—a move that could draw in new clients or alert their father to their whereabouts.

Gianna Clay needs help locating her missing brother, but local authorities are none too keen to help the human woman—not only due to her dicey past but because rumor has it her brother fell in with the D’Narvius, a vicious, monstrous race known for drugs and murder.

Her only hope of finding him comes in the form of an advertisement. But when the grim, all-too-sexy alien warrior arrives, his gruff arrogance has her ready to call the whole thing off. That is until digging into her brother’s disappearance uncovers a dark and sinister plot that could affect the entire galaxy.

Now the two must put their differences aside, no matter the cost.

Fans of Ruby Dixon, Tana Stone, and Presley Hall will love this romantic journey through space with darkly arrogant warriors and the human women lucky enough to cross their paths.

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