Taken by the Naga King

This king wanted a distraction, and he found the perfect one hiding on his ship!

Naga-alien King Gravon expected a solitary journey through the cosmos, not a stowaway that rocked him to his core. Yet he’s faced with Azha—a human slave who used his ship to flee her masters. Now he is more than happy to offer her passage and bring her home with him… forever.

King Gravon knows a secret Azha doesn’t. She’s his mate, and he’s not willing to let her go. Even if she is human and he’s an alien.

When Azha falls ill, Gravon fears he put her in danger by taking her as his mate. Not to mention that as their crisis grows more dire, his people reject having a human as their queen. Gravon must find a way to save his mate and his people before it’s too late.

Or is it already?

This spicy sci-fi romance is part of the Abducted by the Ruthless Royal series and can be read as a standalone. It features a human female escaping slavery only to fall into the hands of a ruthless Naga King who has never heard the word “no.”