Tamed by the Alien Prince

As the sixth son of Lorr royalty, Levi Lorrz knows his duty is to protect his planet. But he never expected that duty to lead him into the arms of his fated mate—a human prisoner aboard an enemy ship.

Cora is a computer engineer who stumbled into the wrong place at the wrong time. Now she’s determined to escape captivity and destroy the Umbrosis Corporation, responsible for producing the deadly drug that killed her best friend. Levi is equally determined to retrieve the Desolation Stone, a doomsday weapon that could obliterate the universe.

To save everything they hold dear, Levi and Cora forge an alliance that quickly heats up into more. Escaping prison is the easy part. Infiltrating a heavily armed mothership and battling ruthless Jorvlen warlords proves far more dangerous.

But nothing can stop the fiery connection between them. In a universe filled with peril, two unlikely heroes discover that the only victory worth having is each other.

Fans of Ruby Dixon, Tana Stone, and Presley Hall will love this romantic journey through space with darkly arrogant warriors and the human women lucky enough to cross their paths.

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