Yeti! Were?

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Published: October 23, 2011
Length: Novel
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Sela’s a hot, curvaceous werewolf who minds her own business, and is simply trying to live a normal life. Little does she know that her world is about to come crashing down. The last thing she’s expecting is to cross paths with a yeti. But that’s exactly what happens when a crazy pack-mate locks her in a freezer. Yup, you guessed it…with a goddamn yeti. At which point, that seemingly normal life of hers begins to spiral out of control. Starting with the hotter than hot man licking his chops that’s fully intent on eating her…sadly for her, she, and not what’s between her legs is on the menu.

Though at first Yosi cursed himself for ever having stopped in this backwoods town for a bite to eat, he’s now happier than a pig in shit that he did. Because the mundane life he’s led now revolves around finding as many ways to pleasure his luscious mate, Sela, that his dirty little mind can think up.

Yeti! Were? contains the four short stories: Ice Cold Yeti, Are We There Yeti?, Yeti! Again, and Not Yeti!. These titles have been previously released with another publisher.

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They met in a meat locker. Okay, honestly, it was an industrial deep freezer, but they all looked the same to Sela. Meat lockers, freezers, all were lined in metal and cold as hell, if hell was a frozen wasteland lined with meat.

Damn her alpha Royce and his misguided acceptance of everyone. He should have killed Ron, the weasel in wolf’s fur, long ago. But no, he was the alpha’s brother, he just needed understanding, a bit of counseling and massive doses of medication and he’d be fine. Whatever. Yeah, Ron was fine all right, so fine that he had to threaten death to get a female to rut with him. Of course, she hadn’t made it any better by telling him she’d rather die than fuck him. Too bad Ron took her up on her dare. And not one of her pack stepped forward to stop him. The cowards.

Then again, Ron always was an idiot. Sure, she’d be uncomfortable in the cold locker, but the man seemed to have forgotten that she was a wolf. Not only that, it was the night of shift, the midnight moon. The moon would rise, calling to her beast, and she’d have no choice but to shift or fuck through the frenzy in order to remain human.

Survival was as easy as shifting and settling in a corner until the pack-owned meat factory opened on Monday. Too bad the pack would have to trash all of the meat in the freezer. Hey, a girl’s got to pee sometime. She’d find a nice corner on the other side of the room to take care of personal business and settle on a few boxes to laze the weekend away.

Of course, those plans were thwarted the minute he was shoved through the door. He was what she’d consider a big, hulking, tall drink of water with a bit of rum mixed in for good measure. Scratch that, he appeared to be more rum than water.

His skin carried a deep beige tone that appeared to be natural and not sun induced, as if he was from a Middle Eastern country. But he didn’t look like any Middle Easterner she’d ever seen. He. Was. Huge. Like Incredible Hulk but not green, huge.

Dressed in tight fitting, faded blue jeans and a plain white T-shirt that showed every single bulge, dip and curve of muscle, the man wasn’t exactly dressed for a weekend in the freezer. Damn. She could last all weekend, but this guy? Nah, he wouldn’t make it through the night, no matter how many muscles the man boasted.