Day 17: Celebrate the Little Things

What are the little things that you’re celebrating? Why they’re the small goals that you discovered while going through the previous posts. In order to stay on track, you need to reward yourself when you meet a small goal. Many people respond well to these types of reward systems, simply because those little celebrations feel good. They really say “hey, look what I did.” There are several other reasons to celebrate these small victories as well. Let’s go over them here.

Your Outlook Will Improve

Positive feedback is a great motivator. When you’re pushing towards your goal, and you know that there’s something in it for you at the end (besides meeting your goal, of course), then you’ll want to meet it very badly. This means that you’ll be a lot more positive about going through the steps, and you’ll even be more likely to actually accomplish it. When you’re having a bad day and your goal feels very far away, then celebrate your small accomplishments and your mood will change. It’s all about doing what you need to in order to stay on track.

Good Feelings Help

Speaking of making you feel good, there’s something in your brain called dopamine. This chemical makes you feel good. It’s the reason why people with addiction problems have so many issues quitting – the dopamine in their brain is literally addicted to the drug of their choice. However, dopamine isn’t all bad. It can actually help you do positive things, like meet your goals. When you conduct a small celebration, your brain’s dopamine will increase and go “hey! This is great!” and you’ll feel a lot more positive about the experience. If you do this enough, then changing your life will feel like less of a chore and like more of a great thing to do.

Your Confidence Will Rise

Meeting your goals is all about making you feel more confident about everything. Even if you’re just meeting small goals, you’ll begin to feel the effects. This confidence, which you’ve gained from celebrating those tiny milestones, will help you push through and keep going until you’ve met your larger goal. They are exactly what you need to continue on the path.

Actually, Throw a Celebration

Depending on the size of the goal that you just met, you could throw an actual celebration. Invite your supporters and anyone else who has been there with you every step of the way. Even if you just ordered up some cupcakes or came up with something little to enjoy your progress, you should consider doing this. Everyone likes a celebration. You might as well spread some fun around.

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