Day 24: Examine Your “Why” Again

We’ve already gone over the concept of “why.” This was done early in our goal challenge journey when we introduced you to the concept. Now we’re going to go into a bit more depth. What else do you need to know about your why? You’d be surprised.

Information about Your Why

Essentially, you’re why is your way of determining what really matters. What’s important to you? Why is it important? What about you needed changing? Why did you set this goal in the first place? The answers to these questions directly connect your goal to your why. But what about moving in the opposite direction? Can you connect your why to your goal?

As a matter of fact, yes, this can be done. Your why can actually determine what your goal will be? If you start with the why and develop your goal accordingly, you’re more likely to choose a goal that fits who you are. This changes the odds that you’ll meet that goal drastically.

Why Does Your “Why” Matter?

You’re why matters a great deal. It says a lot about you and your goals. It helps you define why (again, no pun intended) you want to meet your goals. It puts everything in perspective. It also helps keep you on track to meeting those goals. How? Well, without the why, you won’t have any reason to keep moving forward. You need this goal because, without it, you’ll lose your momentum. Your why is a crucial part of the process.

Here’s how you can find your why.

How to Find Your Why

In order to find your why, you’ll need to sit down and ask – and then answer – a bunch of questions. Some suggestions include:

  • How do you want to improve?
  • What could be better in your life?
  • Picture your ideal life. What’s in it?
  • Is there anything concrete that you can do to make your life more balanced?
  • What does your ideal “you” look like?
  • If you could do anything, what would it be?

Of course, these are just a few good things to consider when getting started. You can go much deeper on the questions. In order to remember your answers so that you can truly get to your why you may want to write them down. This is where your journal comes in handy.

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