Where to Find a New Website Host

After reading yesterday’s post on “4 Signs You Need a New Web Host,” you might be ready to take the leap and find a new web host. But where?

We’re going to revisit our hypothetical friend “Seelia” and go through how she did her search.

So, after a massively horribad billing error with her web host, “Seelia” decided she was ready to jump ship.  She uses WordPress (ohemgee awesome) to run her website but wasn’t sure which company to pick. As I said yesterday, there are thousands of options to choose from so her friend Google’s results overwhelmed her.

If you’re like me—er, “Seelia”—and need a new website host, don’t start with Google. You’ll likely be overwhelmed too and it’s easy to signup and move hosts based on promises and discounts that are too good to be true. Instead, start your research in these places…

Ask Your Authorly Facebook Group(s)

“Seelia” is part of several different Facebook groups for authors so she posted and asked for a few recommendations.  Several peeps respond (because authors are cool like that) with the name of their host and why they’d chosen that particular company.

This gave “Seelia” the opportunity to ask other members about their experiences. One person shared how helpful the host’s support team was when her site crashed. Another author talked about her hosting company that went out of their way to clean her site after it became infected with malware. (Which happens and totally sucks.)

Check Out Industry Blogs

Another easy way to find a web host is to look at the hosts that business bloggers use.  A lot of industry blogs have a “tools” page where they list all of the resources a blogger uses to power their website.  Some even link to preferred web hosts along with reasons why they think it’s the best.

Authorly Friends

After that, “Seelia” made a list of the most recommended web hosts. Then she reached out to a handful of authorly friends and asked for their feedback.

One thing to remember… “Don’t shop for web hosting today. Shop for web hosting with your future authorly goals in the future. Will this host serve you just as well today as it will in two years? If not, maybe think about choosing a different one.”

Another item to keep in mind is how long a host has been in business and how reliable they are. Choose a company that has a long history and stability.

Once “Seelia” finished her research, she signed up with a new web host. She was confident in her decision and totes grateful for the tips and advice her author gang shared with her.

Looking to find that new hosting now? Download your free worksheet to track recommendations and a list of recommended hosts!

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