Day 27: Get a Coach or Mentor

There are a number of people who can help you meet your goals. Some of them make up your support system. Others are there to fulfill a certain role, like those who will cheer you on. Still, others are your coaches and mentors. These people can fit into those two previous categories, but they also can stand on their own. You need to understand the roles of a mentor and coach, as well as how to find the best ones to help you meet your goals.

You’ll Need to Ask for Help

Why do you need to ask a mentor or coach to help you? Well, some might step forward on their own and volunteer their services, but they’ll do this in a different manner and end up fulfilling a slightly different role. If you want them to coach or mentor you, then you’ll have to ask them to do so. It’s as easy as saying “will you be my coach or mentor? I really need some guidance.”

Before you reach out to people to ask them to step into this role, you need to find the ones who will be able to help you the most. This means that they must have some experience with the type of goal that you’re trying to meet. They need to know a lot about that field. No matter what type of goal you’re dealing with, they must have plenty of knowledge.

Goal Fields

We already touched on this, but a bit more needs to be said. Obviously, your mentor needs to have expertise in the field that relates to your goal. You never know who is out there and willing to help until you find them and ask. As long as they know something about your goal field, then they can your coach or mentor.

How to Find a Mentor

In some cases, it’s as easy as asking around. You can ask your friends and loved ones for recommendations, or you can even attend an event that’s related to your goal field and just start talking to people. You might run into someone who is experienced and willing to help. However, you might already know someone in the field who can fulfill this role. If you do, then it’s just a matter of asking them if they’ll be your mentor, coach, or guide.

Overall, choosing a mentor is a bit tricky, because you need someone that you can relate to. They also need to be willing to fulfill the role and should be available when you need advice or a hand (within reason of course.)

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