What Can You Give Away? Brainstorming The Possibilities

We’ve talked about setting a goal for your Giveaway Event and hopefully you wrote down the possibilities, being sure to prioritize them. Now we’re going to talk about what you can give away. Ideally, the collection will be focused on giving readers—your target audience—as much value as possible.

That said, there are other key considerations to keep in mind. Relevancy is important. You don’t want to give away contemporary romance books if your target market is interested in paranormal romances. The books you’re giving away need to be relevant to your audience.

Timing is important as well. Where are readers in your sales funnel? If you’re using the Giveaway Event to build your list, your giveaway items should be relevant to pulling people into your sales funnel.

Your giveaway items should support your goal and help the reader move forward with your business. It’s important to think about a reader’s next step after they receive the freebies. What action do you want them to take? How can you use the giveaway items to grow your business—and bottom line? If your goal is to grow your list, then your Giveaway Event should encourage readers to sign up. If it is to increase sales, you’ll want to include a call to action and motivate conversions in your giveaway materials.

That said, here are some ideas about what you can give away. Keep in mind that you can invite other authors to join your event. We’ll talk about that later in this workshop.

Giveaway Ideas

  • eBooks
  • Reports
  • Checklists
  • Infographics
  • Workbooks
  • Home study courses
  • Templates and blueprints
  • Discount codes
  • Products
  • Video lessons

This is just a brief list of what’s possible, whether you are a fiction or non-fiction author. Take a look at what you can offer and start making a list of ideas.


Start brainstorming! Write down what you know about your audience along with your goals for the event. (You figured out your goals with the first assignment, right?) What items can you give away that support those two key pieces of information? Write them down.