Creating Buzz for Your Giveaway Event

As you well know, you can’t simply create an event and hope people will attend and participate. It’s akin to hosting a birthday party but not sending out the invitations. No one is going to show up. You have to build buzz and market your Giveaway Event if you want people to sign up.

The challenge here isn’t that it’s difficult to promote a Giveaway Event. The challenge is that there are so many exciting options to choose from that you may find it difficult to get focused. So, let’s first take a look at some of your marketing options and then pose a few questions to help you decide which path is best for you.

Building Buzz

  • Email marketing – You have a list, right? Use it. Consider adding one more message each week to your regular email schedule. Include more content that’s relevant to your event and specific promotional messages. Encourage your subscribers to invite their friends and family to participate in your Giveaway Event. Make your email messages easy to share on social media.
  • Social media – This will most likely play a large role in building buzz for your event. Consider creating a plan for daily content and interaction at least a week or two prior to the launch of your Giveaway Event. Be sure to include signup links and relevant content into your plan. Make sure your posts are easily shared and tap into the emotions that your audience is experiencing. Video content and images work well on social media.
  • Cost Per Click/CPC Advertising –Facebook ads, search engine ads, and even ads that are strategically placed on relevant websites can help you drive traffic and attention to your event.


How do you decide which marketing tactics are right for you? Budget is one consideration. How much money do you have set aside to market your event? Time and strengths are other considerations. For example, do you have a great email list but a weaker social media following? Do you have an active blog and Facebook page but your email list is lacking? Leverage your strengths and prioritize them in your marketing campaign.


Create a timeline and a marketing plan to build buzz for your giveaway. What marketing tactics will you use? When will you use them? Will you create the materials yourself or outsource some or all of the task? If you’re feeling industrious, create checklists to help you stay organized.