How to Entice Great Giveaway Partners

One thing that can make your event super attractive to your audience and help you reach your event goals are your contributors or partners. Although you can hold the Giveaway Event all on your own, this means that you’re gong to have to provide all of the freebies.

If you invite others, they can provide freebies, too. It helps you add value to your event without requiring you to do tons of extra work. You’ve already created the framework for your event. You know what you’re giving away, you know who you’re marketing to, and what you want to achieve. Now it’s time to start setting up your event to attract great partners.

Before you start inviting potential partners and promoting your event to them, there are a few key pieces to get in order. These include simple things like email messages your partners can use to promote the event to their audience, photo requests so you can place their photo on your sales page, and step-by-step instructions for participating in the event.

Make a List

Start making a list of the items that your partners will need provide in order to participate in and promote the event. What materials do you need from them? For example, you’ll need their giveaway item and if you’re going to include their photo on your landing page, you’ll need that too.

What’s in It for Them?

Start writing down—yes, another list—the benefits your event can and will provide potential partners. For example, maybe you have an email list of thousands. Put yourself in your potential partners’ shoes for a minute. What would make YOU say yes to partnering in this Giveaway Event? In most cases, if you can make it as easy as possible for them, so all they have to do is send you a few things and use ready made promotional pieces, people will be readily convinced. So…

  • Make it easy for them to join your event
  • Make it easy for them to submit everything that is requested
  • Make it easy for them to promote the giveaway
  • Send easy to follow, step-by-step instructions
  • Give them regular reminders


Start planning your systems. Outline what you will create to make your giveaway irresistible to potential partners. What do you need to make it easier for partners to participate? What systems will you want to implement and what materials can you provide your partners to help them succeed?