Hosting a Giveaway? Why Everyone Should Receive Something

How’s your list of giveaway ideas coming along? We last talked about ideas for items you could offer readers at your Giveaway Event and what you want to consider as you make your list.

As you pull your list together and finalize ideas, there are a few more considerations to keep in mind.

Everyone Should Get Something

You should give a little something to everyone. It’s no fun to go to an event and leave empty handed. To motivate signups, you want to make sure there is a basic package of freebies that everyone receives.

Bonus Freebies and Incentives

In addition to the base pack of freebies, it’s often a good idea to offer bigger prizes. These can motivate readers to sign up, increase excitement, and make your event special and valuable.

What types of bonus freebies can you give away? How do you organize the offers? How can you increase excitement for your event?

Limited Number – You can limit the event to a certain number of entrants. You can also motivate people to join by giving away something extra special to the first ten, twenty, or fifty signups.

Go Big with A Raffle – Another idea is to enter all entrants into a raffle to win additional prizes. For example, you might give away a gift card, Kindle, or an iPad—something valuable and exciting for your audience.

Podium of Prizes – Consider giving away a tier of prizes. For example, you might have a top prize, a secondary prize or two, a few third-level prizes and then the base package that everyone receives.


Your assignment now is to finalize your giveaway package and figure out its structure. Will you giveaway a big prize? Will you limit the number of entrants? Will you offer a raffle or a “first ten/twenty/fifty signups” structure?