Identifying Your Unique Marketing Angle That Makes Your Event Stand Out

This is a huge day with a very important assignment at the end. We’re discussing the framework and structure for your Giveaway Event as well as setting the foundation for your marketing. You’ve established your goal, right? So grab that piece of info and put it in front of you. It’s time to align your goal with a few other bits of info. Let’s start with your target market.

Define Your Target Audience

Who are you marketing to? What types of people will you want to take part in your event? I hope you already have some idea of your target audience. You need this information to ensure your giveaways are relevant and valuable to them. Right now, I want you to take the time to write it down and make it formal. Create a description of your audience. You can write this in paragraph form or just a bullet list of traits, information, and demographics.

What’s Your Giveaway Event Topic?

You Giveaway Event needs to have a theme and topic. Your audience and what you’re giving away can help you work through this. Don’t worry about a title right now, we’ll be tackling that task in the next lesson. I want you to focus on the topic for your event. How can you tie all your giveaway products together?

What Can You Do to Stand Out from the Crowd?

I want you to brainstorm and figure out how you can make sure your information and giveaways set you apart from others. There are tons of ways you can make yourself stand out. You might have twenty-five authors participating. You might have hundreds of dollars worth of freebies or cool swag for the first hundred entrants.


Craft a description of your target audience and pick your giveaway topic/theme. It can be a broad topic or very narrow. Keep in mind that you may invite others to participate in the event, so the topic needs to be suitable to their books, as well. Finally, I want you to think about how you can make your Giveaway Event stand out. We’ll be working on that over the coming lessons.