Monetizing Your Giveaway Event

On the very first day of this course we talked about establishing your goal for your Giveaway Event. You wrote it down, right? Your goal is the foundation that you use to create and build your event. Now, whether or not you chose to set profits as your goal, you can of course leverage the event to increase your profits. We’re going to talk about a few different ways where your event could make some money.

Affiliate Links

Let’s start with the simplest tactic for increasing profits. You can add relevant affiliate links to your giveaway materials. For example, if your event is genre specific, you might feature the giveaway books/products but also link to an author’s other paid books. The books are relevant and you make a little money.

On the Back End

Your back-end products are your higher priced items. They’re usually purchased by those that purchase everything you have to offer. Your event will likely bring a large number of people into your sales funnel which gives you an opportunity to pull them through over time and make sales. You might, however, offer some of the more expensive items to your new leads immediately after the event. You’ll capitalize on the attention of those people who might be inclined to buy all of your products and services.

Right Before Checkout

You also have an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell during the checkout experience. Why not offer suggestions or special promotions at this time? You have their attention and they’re spending money. A one time offer or special discount on a related product may make perfect sense.

On Your Thank You or Download Page

Why not provide giveaway attendees a one time offer when they are grabbing their freebies? It’s a nice way of saying thank you and you may be able to make some good sales.

These are just a few of the opportunities that you have to increase profits. You can also create a giveaway e-course and include promotions and offers in the body of those messages.


Consider how you can monetize your Giveaway Event and begin setting it up. For example, if you decide to add some affiliate links to your giveaways, then begin establishing those affiliate relationships.