Motivating Others to Market Your Giveaway Event for You

The more people who know about your Giveaway Event, the better, right? It’s easier to achieve your goals with a larger audience. Whether your goal is to increase sales, traffic, or the size of your email list, it pays to get the word out and promote your event.

While there are many things that you can do on your own to promote the event, and we just talked about a number of them, you can also take some steps to get others to promote the event for you. Here are just a few ideas:

Forward to a friend – In your email messages, invite your recipients to forward the message to a friend. Remind them that there’s enough amazing freebies to go around and how grateful their friends will be.

Social media shares – In addition to asking people to share your promotional messages on social media, thank them for their shares. Consider how you can motivate sharing of posts. What about a special gift for those that share or retweet your event?

Great content – People like to share content that impacts their lives. It can be educational, entertaining, controversial, or just plain inspiring. Videos make excellent content as do photos, infographics, and memes.


Take a look at your existing resources. How strong is your social media following? Do you have an affiliate team? Create a plan to leverage your resources to help you spread the word about your event and market it for you.