Organizing Your Giveaway Event

How organized are you? There’s definitely a range of personality types and organization strategies. Let’s say that wherever you are on the spectrum, it’s important to make sure that you have systems in place to help you launch a seamless Giveaway Event.

Rather than tell you how to organize your event, we’re going to focus on where to get organized and offer some tips and ideas. You can then create your own systems based on your personality and preferred methods, because let’s face it, some people rely on technology to get organized and others use pen and paper. There’s no “right” way as long as it works for you.

Technologies – Technology will undoubtedly play a critical role in your success. Consider the following:

  • Autoresponder to deliver email messages to event attendees as well as partners.
  • Delivery systems – How will you deliver your giveaway products and services? Will you have a download page? Deliver materials and links via email?
  • Tracking and analytics – How will you track clicks, sales, conversions, commissions and so on?
  • Communication – How will you communicate with partners and attendees? How will you communicate with your team of partners, affiliates, and support staff?

Marketing and Advertising – Think about when and how you’ll begin marketing your Giveaway Event. Consider:

  • Advertising sites and programs
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Marketing materials for your partners
  • Marketing to potential partners
  • Creating your sales page

Planning and Organization – Up to this point you’ve been making lists. What have you been using? Paper? A document on your computer? Create systems to track and organize your information. Create checklists for yourself, timelines, and even templates for emails. You can use these materials each time you host a Giveaway Event.


Create both a timeline for your Giveaway Event as well as checklists to get you through the event.