Outsourcing and Delegating to Get More Accomplished

Over the past week and a half, you’ve made a lot of plans, lists, and started creating documents. You may be starting to realize that there’s a lot that goes into planning and hosting a Giveaway Event.

There are a few things to remember.

The first is that this event will be the most labor intensive than future events. However, if you plan and organize your event with an eye toward the future, you can reuse your templates, emails, checklists, and timelines. When you repeat these types of events, it’ll be much easier. You’ve already done the work.

The other important thing to remember is that you don’t, and shouldn’t, do all of this work yourself. You are an entrepreneur and have your own unique set of strengths and skills. And your primary responsibly as a business owner is to make money and drive the business. That responsibility coupled with the undeniable fact that there are only 24 hours in a day and only eight or so of them should be spent working means that you just don’t have time to do everything yourself.

And if we’re honest, you may not be skilled or experienced at all of the tasks that you need to have done to launch your Giveaway Event with success. That means delegating and outsourcing some of the tasks to others. If you have a Virtual Assistant, then now is the time to ask them if they have a few extra hours for you over the next couple of weeks. If you don’t have one, you may want to find one or two that you feel you can rely on. You might also want to look for:

  • Graphic designer – to design the header and the layout for your sales page and marketing materials.
  • Copywriter – to write the promotional copy, including your sales page, for your event.
  • Ghostwriter – to write emails, content, and even giveaway eBooks and reports.
  • Your Virtual Assistant can set up autoresponders, communicate with contractors, upload materials to your download page, communicate with partners and affiliates, and manage any customer service issues.

What You Can Do Yourself

While you can do everything yourself, your primary responsibilities should focus on:

  • Planning the event
  • Identifying contractors
  • Creating a timeline
  • Identifying and perhaps personally inviting partners
  • Establishing terms and agreements for partnerships
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Evaluating the success of your event


Decide what you are going to manage yourself and what you’re going to outsource. Make a list of what you want to delegate and identify the people and/or companies you’re going to use to complete those tasks. Start preparing the materials that you need to outsource each task. For example, if you want to hire a copywriter to create the copy for your landing page, then you’ll need to give them information about the event, your target audience, and desired goal so they can craft compelling copy.

One of your primary roles in your event will be not only planning the marketing but perhaps also creating and implementing some of the marketing tactics. If your name is going on your event, you want to make sure that the event gets the attention that it deserves and your marketing is consistent with your brand and your goals.