Using Giveaway Promotion Sites to Launch Your Event

The Internet is packed full of directories and listing sites. There’s a listing for everyone and every niche, from garage sales to Giveaway Events. Of course, the latter is what you’re interested in right now.

This step is quite easy, actually. Depending on the listing site, you’ll simply add the fundamental information about your event such as dates and details. Don’t forget to include a link for people to click on.

It’s important to know that while you may not get thousands of clicks on sites like these, the return on investment is usually pretty high. It takes just a few minutes to list your event with a site and it can generate visitors, links, and traffic.

Here are a few things to pay attention to before you list your event on a giveaway site:

  • Pay attention to the terms. What are you agreeing to when you list your event?
  • Is there a cost for a listing?
  • Do they offer featured listings?
  • How much traffic do they get? (Some listing sites publish their traffic and visitor demographics.)
  • When will your listing be published?
  • Do they promote listings on social media?
  • Will they change the content or details in your listing?
  • Will they change your link?
  • How can you measure your listing’s performance?

Sites to Consider:


Review a few giveaway sites and decide if you’re going to use them to promote your event. This is an ideal task to outsource. Send the list to your assistant and let them take care of it for you.