Day 29: Growth

Everything that has led up to this point has been done with one thing in mind – helping you achieve growth. Everyone wants to be a better person, and more than likely, you do as well. This means that you must be willing to grow and change. This process will help you with that, but first, you need to understand exactly why growth is the main goal.

You Want to Be Better

Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves. This involves accepting your shortcomings and being willing to change. These changes can be small and imperceptible to anyone but you or they might be larger than you are. You might want to be a better writer, which involves writing something every day, attending workshops, or even taking classes. You might want to get into better shape, which means that you have to work out and eat right. No matter what your goal is, you want to be better. This is the first step of growth.

Following Your Dreams

What have you always dreamt about? We’re not talking about careers or anything of that sort. Think back to your childhood. What did you want to do when you were a kid, but never had the chance to? Was there a certain place that you wanted to visit? Did you want to learn how to twirl a baton? It’s never too late to go back to those old dreams in order to fulfill them. And yes, although you’re diving back into your past, you’re still moving forward and growing, because you’re taking on those dreams now, from your current point of view. This is what matters.

Head Off on a New Path

In some cases, your growth might mean that you want to do something different with your life. Has there been a career path that you wish you were on? Are you feeling unfulfilled with your current life? Do you want to move forward in a completely different way than you have in the past? All of these are valid reasons for growth. Instead of becoming a better version of you, you’re actually changing the narrative entirely and moving in a different direction, one that’s more fulfilling than the others. These reinventions are entirely possible, as long as you set your goals appropriately and are willing to work hard.

As you can see, change is all about growth. You want to set goals that will make you a better person – one who is willing to grow and change as life takes them in different directions. You can do it!

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