Day 23: Habit Trackers

How do you plan in tracking your habits? Okay, let’s go back one step further – can you describe what a habit tracker is? What exactly is involved in tracking the habits that will lead to meeting your goals? How can you do this to show forward progress? Let’s go into some detail.

What Is a Habit Tracker?

Basically, a habit tracker is something that you to track your habits. That makes sense, right? These are usually done on paper, through a habit tracking app, or even on a computer spreadsheet. They don’t require a lot of detail – just the date and a small check mark to show whether or not you completed your habit that day. You can go into more detail than this, but it’s up to you. Remember that the more complicated you make your habit tracker, the less likely you are to turn to it consistently. Simpler is better.

Setting Up Your Habit Tracker

Are you ready to make your habit tracker? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Get out a blank piece of paper
  • Divide it into sections. You’ll need a section for each day, as well as a space to place your checkmark
  • Add in some color coding to separate out the lines and make it easier to use

And that’s all that you need to do. Habit trackers are easy to make. You can also purchase a pre-made one if you feel so inclined. In addition, you can track more than one habit on it. Just leave enough space and add in more lines as necessary.

Tracking Tips

You need to turn your habit tracker into a habit. This means that you need to get into the habit (see what we did there) of filling it in every day. Don’t forget to fill out your tracker!

On top of this, you shouldn’t make it overly complicated. We already mentioned this, but it’s crucial that you don’t overdo it. Some people like to include notes on their tracker. This is fine, but it shouldn’t be something that you force yourself to do each day. Instead, leave a blank for the occasional note, if you feel like filling it in.

Also, don’t try to track too many habits all at once. Sure, you can track three or four, but you shouldn’t go beyond that. It will get far too confusing and lead to issues on your tracker. Then again, if you’ve been reading these posts, you already know that you shouldn’t be trying to meet too many goals at once, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

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