Day 9: Stand By Me—Have a Strong Support System

The old saying is true… You can’t go it alone. While you do need to take the necessary steps to meet your goals on your own, you shouldn’t expect to do this by yourself. You need to be accountable to someone other than yourself in order to keep you on track. There are plenty of reasons having a support system is good for ya.


Are you having a hard time staying optimistic when it comes to meeting your goals? This is why you need a good support system. These people can help keep you on track. They’ll provide a lot of the motivation that you need to meet those goals that you set. Whenever you find your energy flagging, or you feel as though you don’t have the ability to continue with your plan, just turn to your support system. They can help you stay on track, give you some advice that may lead to you simply changing a few of your goals (slightly, not a total change), and ensure that you have their support moving forward. You’ll feel a lot more motivated when you have their help.


Do you need a little encouragement to keep going? Odds are, you do. Most people need someone to applaud them every now and then in order to make them feel good. Imaging meeting your goals like you’re moving towards a finish line. You see your support system at that line, so you’ll begin running a little faster. You want to make them proud because they went out of their way to support you. This is what they are supposed to do, and it’s how they’ll help you stay on track.  Everyone needs encouragement.


Having a good support system is about more than just getting encouraged and applauded. It’s also important to have people who can provide the crucial details that you need in order to meet your goals. Your support system can do this – you just need to ask. Whenever you have a question about your goals, just ask them it. They’ll provide you with their knowledge on the topic. This is why you need more than one person in your support system. Ideally, you’ll have a group of people, all of whom have different levels of knowledge on different subjects. The more they know, the more you’ll learn, and the better everything will be.


Accountability matters. You need a support system so that they can keep you accountable for your actions. Do you know how hard it is to lie about your progress when you have people checking in on you? It’s pretty tough. Without people to hold you accountable, you might feel like you can cheat the system and find a way to get around things. Don’t cut corners. Meet your goals honestly. Your support system will ensure that you manage to do this. They’ll keep you accountable.


What does compassion have to do with it? Well, sometimes this process will make you feel discouraged. You’ll feel as though you’re Sisyphus, pushing that rock up a hill. You won’t want to move forward, because of some minor setback or some other issue. When you feel like none of this journey has been worth it, and you want to give up, turn to your support team. They’ll keep you moving forward and get you back on track. They’ll give you all of the compassion that you need in order to meet those goals. They will make you realize that this entire process is well worth all of the headaches and nonsense that you need to deal with. With their help, you can accomplish anything.

Who Is In Your Support System?

Take a few moments to think about who makes up your support system. Who are they? Do they play any other roles in your life? Are they around when you need them? How can they help you succeed? Do you need any others to join them? If so, how can you find those people?

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