Day 22: Permanent Lifestyle Changes

Your goals are going to become permanent lifestyle changes. It’s as simple as that. This may sound intimidating, which makes sense because the word “permanent” tends to throw people into a frenzy. However, in order to keep you from panicking, we’ll talk you through some steps to make these changes stick, but in a less scary manner.

Take Little Steps

Did you know that in order for a habit to form, you need to do it consistently for at least a week? This will ensure that it becomes a major part of your life. However, in order to actually do this, you need to take a series of little steps that involve making one small change, adjusting to it, and then once it’s become an ingrained habit, making another small change. This keeps you from making large drastic changes all at once, which will be too intimidating to stick.

Know Yourself Well

You need to know and understand who you are and what makes you tick. This is why you should write in a journal throughout your journey, as it helps you make these determinations. The better you know yourself, the more you’ll be able to make those changes, because you’ll realize just what you need to do in order to have them stick. It’s just a matter of finding that motivator and understanding how you can keep yourself on track. The change will stick better once you know this.

Balance Your Life

Changing your habits tends to be a lot of work. If you keep on trucking, so to speak, without taking any time to do anything fun, then you’ll be less likely to meet your goals. This is why you need to make balance – as in fun, leisure activities – a part of the permanent process. You’ll stay on track and having a better balance in your life with becoming a part of the permanent plan.

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