All the Queen's Monsters Launch Box


Want a box of goodies to go along with your special edition, signed book?  Grab the All the Queen’s Monsters launch box today!  Delivery will be in March 2022, but reserve yours today as Celia is ONLY sending out 50 boxes.  (A girl’s gotta have time to write, too!)

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What’s this? What the heck is a launch box, you might be asking?  I’ll tell ya!  It’s a box of book-specific goodies PLUS a signed copy of book 1 in the All the Queen’s Monsters series packaged and shipped to you.  What’s included?  Click on the Spoiler bar to keep reading!  Or don’t if you want to be surprised.

  • Signed print copy of All the Queen’s Monsters.
  • Alligator plush toy. (It makes sense when you read the book! I swear!)
  • Vampire pin.
  • Velvet bag of book-specific paperclips.
  • So Many Books, So Little Time socks.
  • Holographic logo sticker.
  • Character sticker pack of 7 stickers.
  • Special edition signed bookmark.

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All the Queen’s Monsters Launch Box $34.00
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