The Writer’s Complete Series Bible Workbook



This workbook for writers is a comprehensive and invaluable resource. It is organized in a clean, simple, and easy to navigate PDF, DOCX, and Digital Planner file. All of which means less time struggling and more time writing.

You’ll no longer have to search through piles of paper for the little details you took note of. With this printable self-help workbook, you can easily bring everything back to you by flipping through detailed notes all in one place.

The Writer’s Complete Series Bible Workbook includes:
– Timelines
– Book and Series Summaries
– Setting Profiles
– Chapter POV Selection
– Chapter/Scene-specific Characters
– Main & Supporting Character Profiles
– Character and Setting Reference Lists
– Additional Pages for World Rules, Series Notes, Language, and Maps

As an author myself, it was my intention to create a layout that can help organize your completed works as well as works in progress.

Tip: Create organized binders for every chapter or story and you’ll never have to worry about losing your train of thought.

The Writer’s Complete Series Bible Workbook