The Sprint Journal



Need to track your writing process and up your game? Try The Sprint Journal!  90 Days of sprint tracking fun with space for…

  • Date
  • Track # of Sprints, Breaks & Projects
  • Track 5 Projects/Books
    • Target Word Count
    • Actual Word Count
    • Meet or Exceeded Your Goal
    • Total Time Spent on the Project/Book
  • 15-20 Lines for Sprints (Depending on Page Size)
    • Track Sprint Start & End Time
    • Classify your sprint as Writing, Editing, Promo, Admin, or Other
    • Total Word Count for the Sprint
      • Typed or Dictated Indicator
  • Notes Section
  • Motivational/Inspirational Quote of the Day

This listing is for the printable US letter & printable A5 sized Sprint Journal.

The Sprint Journal