Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Workshop

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Fast track your Author Biz Growth by hiring a first-rate virtual assistant.

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Fast track your Author Biz Growth by hiring a first-rate virtual assistant.

Most business owners spend hours doing tasks that can easily be outsourced. As a result, their business growth stalls and they get frustrated, resentful, and burned out.

On the other hand, when they’re able to delegate a chunk of work to someone else, those same people are able to achieve a whole new level of success and satisfaction with their business.

And that “someone else” is a virtual assistant.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a turning point especially for small business owners and authorpreneurs. It’s often the first time they can really scale their business.

However, it’s also something they tend to put off because:

  • They’re afraid someone else can’t do what they do.
  • They think it will take too much time to train someone.
  • They don’t know where to find a good VA.
  • They’re not sure what a VA can do.
  • They think they can’t afford it.
  • …or any number of other excuses.

The whole prospect of finding and outsourcing to a virtual assistant is daunting! 

That’s why I put together a course that walks through the entire process.

With ‘Virtual Assistant Outsourcing‘, I’ll walk you through the critical steps for hiring and managing your first (or Next!) virtual assistant.

I’ll help them identify what they want to outsource and the skills and qualities your VA will need.

Then I’ll show you how to find and select the best VA for your needs.

To ensure your VA’s success, I’ll guide you through things like setting up standards, training your VA, delegating, and motivating for future growth.

You will implement everything as you go through the course, and come away with an action plan and clear deadlines for next steps. Woot!

A breakdown of what you’ll learn is as follows:


I’ll kickstart the course by giving a quick overview and explaining what people will be able to do by the time they’re done.

Module 1 – Get Ready for Your Virtual Assistant  

In Module 1, I’ll discuss the advantages of hiring a VA for faster business growth, and I’ll help you get in the right frame of mind before you dive into the process.

Module 2 – Identify Your VA’s Tasks  

You shouldn’t wait until they’re completely overwhelmed before hiring a virtual assistant. In Module 2, I’ll help identify which tasks to delegate to a VA and plan ahead for hiring, so you don’t just panic and hire the first person they find.

Module 3 – Find the Right VA Match for You  

It’s easy to feel daunted by the task of looking for a VA. In Module 3 I’ll dig deeper and help you define the experience, qualifications, and personal qualities you need in a VA, so you are clear about the person you’re looking for and how your VA can best support you.

Module 4 – Use Your Job Spec to Shortlist  

Now you have people applying for the job, you need a way to whittle down your candidates to find the right one. In Module 4, I’ll show your students how to shortlist and assess potential candidates, so that you only move forward with those who are suitable and don’t waste time on those who aren’t.

Module 5 – Find Your VA in the Right Places  

You want to find the right person who can take on the tasks you’ve identified and free you up to develop your author business. In Module 5, I’ll show you the best sources of VAs and how to advertise for your ideal candidates, so your ad is in the right place to attract high-quality, motivated candidates.

Module 6 – Choose Your First VA  

To find the right VA, you need to gather the right information. In Module 6, I’ll walk you through how to interview your VA candidates to ensure they have the experience and qualities required and to select the best fit.

Module 7 – Set Up Stellar Systems and Standards  

When you’re communicating with an employee who might be on the other side of the globe, you need to be organized. In Module 7, I’ll show you how to set up the systems and standards you want your VA to follow, so the work between you will run smoothly.

Module 8 – Onboard Your VA for a Smooth Start  

Now that they have chosen the right person, you need to make sure you treat your VA well from the get go. In Module 8, I’ll walk you through designing the onboarding and training activities for your new virtual assistant, so that your VA will feel welcomed from the start and learn the skills to become productive as quickly as possible.

Module 9 – Delegate for Success  

Learning how to delegate is one of the most important skills you need to master if they want to scale your business. In Module 9, I’ll show you how to delegate to your virtual assistant, so that your VA will be clear on what’s expected and you’ll be confident to hand tasks over.

Module 10 – Manage Your VA for Maximum Results  

There are particular challenges to managing remote employees because you don’t meet the person every day. In Module 10, I’ll share how to manage a VA effectively to ensure tasks get done as and when you want them.

Module 11 – Develop Your VA for Future Growth  

You want your VA to do your best work for you, so you need to keep them engaged. In Module 11, I’ll show you how to motivate your virtual assistant and develop your VA’s skills, so that your business will benefit in the long term.

Module 12 – Review and Refine

In this final module, I’ll review what you have learned and have you think about what you’ll need to do to expand your team in the future. You’ll then consolidate and implement your learning through planning further action steps, so you achieve the goals set for this course and know how to develop further.

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PLUS a BONUS you won’t want to miss!

The “Social Media Handoff!” is a workbook and template kit designed to get your new VA up to speed and ready to rock your social media once complete.  Ready to hand off those pesky social media tasks? You NEED this kit!



Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Workshop
Original price was: $37.00.Current price is: $17.00.