Day 26: Set Up a Series of Bribes

Sometimes you need to bribe yourself in order to keep moving forward. We already covered part of this in the post on celebrations, but not it’s time to discuss this from another point of view. You shouldn’t view bribing yourself as cheating in any way, shape, or form. It’s not! Instead, this is a great way to keep yourself on track. All that you need to do is develop a plan of goals and rewards and then go from there.

Picking Out Your Rewards

The rewards that you choose need to be large enough to motivate you to keep moving forward. They also shouldn’t be so big that you decide to stop the pursuit of your goal once you reach one of them. There needs to be a careful balance between the two. We’ll go into more depth on this in the next paragraph, but ideally, you want to tailor your rewards to your goals. Think back to your why and come up with a reward that fits.

Your System of Goals and Rewards

Now that you’ve determined exactly what your rewards will be, it’s time to come up with a game plan. We touched on this briefly above when going over which rewards you plan on giving yourself for meeting certain goals. However, you do need to write all of this out. You can include this information on your habit tracker, or even in your journal.

Sit down and think about which rewards match up with certain goals. Are there things that go together properly? How can you align things so that they make sense? Do you want a large reward to go with a larger goal? All of this is fully up to you.

Change Things As Needed

Next, be prepared to make changes as you go along. You might decide that a certain reward doesn’t meet your goal, so you switch things up a bit. You might also not meet a goal in time, so you change your schedule and push things back. You need to be flexible here, as nothing will ever go exactly according to plan. Instead of jumping to conclusions and bailing out of setting your goals, simply make those changes and readjust everything. Be as flexible as possible.

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