Day 15: Set Up Daily Tasks

What are your daily tasks going to be? You should do at least one little thing each day to help you meet your goal. Ideally, this should adhere to the map that you’ve already planned out. However, you can come up with smaller, incremental goals that will help move your progress forward.

Pick Small Actions

Remember that there’s no need to make a series of very large steps towards meeting your goal. This just adds stress to your life and makes it harder to get to the end of the journey. Instead, choose a bunch of very small steps that will lead to progress. For example, if you want to read a new book a month for fun, how many pages would that be? Pick the first book and then divide it into sections. Then, you know how many pages you need to read each day in order to meet that goal. Sometimes progress is incremental in nature.

Do Some Brainstorming

You’ll have to spend some time truly thinking about how you’re going to meet your larger goals. You might find that a good brainstorming session will help. This forces you to sit down and focus on your goal while coming up of a list of ways that will you meet it. By the end of your brainstorming session (you can do this with a member of your support team if necessary), you’ll have some smaller goals in mind that lead up to the bigger one.

Cement Your Plans

Now that you have a list and some incremental ways to meet your plans, it’s time to actually put them into place. You need to cement those plans in order to accomplish them! Once you have actual goals (albeit small ones) and have someone to hold you accountable, you need to make sure that you do them!

Do Some Reviewing

Finally, before you put all of these plans in motion, review them! Ask yourself – are my goals meetable? Are they easy to accomplish? Does everything make sense? Am I able to move forward? Once you’re ready, it’s time for that next step.

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