Day 28: What Could Go Wrong?

Now it’s time to go over the big question – what could go wrong? The answer to that is “quite a bit.” This is why you need to remain flexible throughout the entire process because when something goes wrong, your flexibility allows you to deal with it and work through it. However, this isn’t all that you need to know about that dreaded question – “what could go wrong?”

Don’t Focus On the Negatives

It’s far too easy to dwell on your negative thoughts. Everyone has them. They are those voices in your head that tell you that you don’t know what you’re doing. They try to inform you that you can’t meet your goals. Those voices are there to make you listen to them. They point out all of the negative things about you, and they try to make you fail. Don’t listen to them.

Instead of listening to the negative voices, focus on the positive ones. Every time you have a negative thought, remind yourself that you’re a good person. You know how to meet your goals. You can do this! Eventually, that negative voice will fade to the point that you can’t hear it anymore.

Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon

Your goal needs to be something that you alone want to accomplish. It’s far too easy to follow the trends and jump on that virtual bandwagon, choosing a goal that everyone else seems to be doing. If your goal isn’t  yours alone, and you’re doing it in order to keep up with the crowd, then you’ll be less likely to meet it. Remember your why. If your “why” is “because everyone is doing it” then you need to set some new goals. Stop trying to be the best version of someone else and instead be the best version of you.

Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Perfection is something that plagues people. It starts out as an admirable goal, then morphs into something that’s far scarier. You will never meet your goals if you try to do them perfectly. Instead, you’ll end up stressing yourself out, procrastinating on everything, and will burn out before even come close to meeting that goal. Instead, accept imperfections. Accept who you are and do the best that you can.

The Novelty Will Wear Off

As you go about meeting your goals, the novelty of them will wear off. This is a problem that many people must face. It’s easy to be excited about making those changes in the beginning because people love this type of thing. They like having the opportunity to change their lives. You’re more than likely the same way. However, what will happen once the excitement fades? How will you keep moving forward? We have the answer to this, and have already covered it here – your system of rewards and celebrations will help keep you on track once you’ve decided that you’re “over it.”

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