4 Signs You Need a New Web Host

Yes, it can totally happen. You pick a web host, get everything setup and shiny, and then things change. The web host begins dropping the ball more and more often until you wonder if maybe it’s time for a new one. Don’t jump ship yet! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons and signs you might need a new host. Switching can be a bit of work, so let’s make sure it’s worth it first.

Let’s setup a scenario and work through it with our hypothetical authorly friend, “Seelia.”

Seelia has been at her host for over five years and has been sooper happy so far. Except lately, there have been some hosting hiccups that made her think it was time to jump ship. Rather than take the leap, she went to her friends and was all “should I…” and “Is it time…” and my fave, “I’m gonna cut a b*tch because they screwed up again. I’m not crazy, right?”

*ahem* Seelia might have been without coffee when she said that last one.

Time to go through the signs that “Seelia” might need a new host. They gave her the reasons they changed hosts in the past. Ready to rock through them?

#1: Customer Support is Slow to Respond

One friend told “Seelia” about her biggest gripe: support. “When I first signed up with my old hosting company, I loved the service. Every problem was handled super quick and the staff was awesome.

“But after they merged with company, their customer service went into the toilet. I finally decided to move when I had an issue that took multiple emails and finally phone calls to resolve.”

I don’t know about y’all, but momma ain’t got time for all that hot mess. If it took me three days to fix something, I’d bounce from that web host, too. I’m not saying I need same day service, but three days is excessive.

#2: The Host Uses Out of Date Software

Another explained that her host was using out of date software. “I couldn’t get some of the scripts to work on my site. I did some research and discovered that the problem wasn’t with me, but with my web host.

“The host was using software that was 2-3 years old and had oodles of bugs. That had me wondering that—if they were cutting corners on staying up to date—maybe they were cutting corners elsewhere. I totally lost faith in the company and got out of there.”

#3: Your Site Crashes or Is Down A Lot of A Lot

Someone else complained about down time or, how often a site was inaccessible because their host server was broken/had an issue.  Sure, the hosting company might adjust her bill to compensate her for the down time, but that doesn’t fix the fact that her site was inaccessible.  “I had a new book release and was expecting a lot of visitors due to my marketing. I didn’t think my host was reliable enough to handle the increase in visitors. So, I moved everything a month before the release and I’m so glad I did. It totes gave me peace of mind.”

#4: Frequent Security Breaches

Her other friend told “Seelia” about security breaches happening all the time. “I get that the occasional security breach happens, but there were several in two years. It made me question how secure my personal information and websites really were.

“Someone else switched to a new host around the same time and was insanely happy. I liked their setup so I moved all of my websites over there.”

No web hosting company is perfect. Ever. But if you’re like “Seelia” and have some worries about your host, don’t be afraid to explore your options. You may find a host you lurve!

Looking to find that new hosting now? Download your free list of recommended hosts and a worksheet to see if it’s time to find a new host!

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