How to Define and Reach Your Next Level

Hi Writerly Rockstars!

This past weekend I attended Skye Warren’s Romance Author Mastermind conference and it was totally amazeballs. AMAZE. BALLS. I was surrounded by like-minded authors all searching for the same thing: success.  Two hundred men (Yes, men!) and women who want to “reach the next level.” That’s what prompted me to write this How to Define and Reach Your Next Level blog post!

Funny thing, though…

“The next level” isn’t a known quantity. Not only that, it’s not the SAME for every writer.  My next level could be a movie deal (#spacedragonmovie) while someone else’s could be appearing on the New York Times bestseller list.  Both are equally awesomesauce goals and totally attainable. (Except maybe the space dragon movie. I know that’s a long shot, but that doesn’t dampen my passion!)

After hearing that same phrase all weekend and even listening as the loverly CD Reiss spoke on the topic, I knew I had to come home and do exactly what she said: I had to define my own, personal “next level.”  I mean, how can I reach my goal if I don’t know what it is?  #amiright

Today is the first time since returning this past Sunday that I’ve been able to sit down and put my google-fu to work. (And I have a black belt in google-fu.)  What I wanted? An author-focused goal planner. Printable, printed, an article… I didn’t care. Something to give me a starting point.

There was next to nothing!

I figured the who “author-focused” aspect of my search was a hint too specific but I always start specific and then broaden rather than start big and narrow things down.  What I did find was plenty of options and examples of solopreneur and creativepreneur goal planners.  I figured, hey, authors are both of those things! This is both a solo and creative business at its core. Using the few printable planner pages I discovered across the webs, I created my “Reach Your Next Level” workbook.

It’s pretty bad ass. Just sayin’.  And also free!  (One of my mottos is “free is for me.”)

Keep on scrolling after my signature and register to receive your free printable workbook.

Have a rockstar day of writing!


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